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Art2Do : Promoting Art Online

The best thing any family friendly artist can do to promote their art online is to join www.ArtRevu.com 's Gallery.

ArtRave is the only one online that actually works to meet the needs of the emerging online artist by providing the tools and platform needed in order to promote the artist and enable the artist to learn how to promote themselves, to get their art known and into the search engines,where people will actually find them and see them.

ArtRevu provides a "Me" page, which serves as a profile and platform that the artist can introduce themselves to the internet world from. It contains links to the artists stores, sites, social connections and contains important information the artist wants to share with the world.

Their "Me" page connects to the ArtRave Gallery, where the artist uploads one work per page and can include all kinds of information about the artwork,its inception,its reality, its feeling,its purpose. The artist can share all details about their art on both his or her "Me" page as well as on the actual artwork page and include links to where the art can be purchased online~!

ArtRevu shows and promotes art and has connections to the most popular PODs online and helps promote artists using those PODs

It has become more evident over the passed several years that the PODs are more geared towards individuals wishing to have their family photos printed into products and they make the bulk of their money catering to the public's private self uploading orders in this matter, so artists are only a secondary business on PODS, as they are in business for themselves and will sell anything to anyone and have literally thousands of hopeful artists posting new work daily, involved in forums,clubs or groups, providing emotional support for one another and encouragement & congratulations whenever one manages to make a sale.

PODs however charge the artists as much as they charge the individuals uploading their family pics to make a print, who are vested in their own pictures and seldom by artists works in comparison to what they do with their own.

In order for the artist to make money on the POD, they have to mark up above the POD's base price, inflating the already high price and making it not as affordable to the buyer and less profitable for the artist. The only one making a profit is the POD~!

To me it has become obvious that all the other PODs are into their own sales and could care less which artist's works sell and do little to promote individual artists.

You can have a shop on their site for years with little or no traffic as they have new members joining hourly that leave the rest buried in their sites and not that easy to find.

That is what led to me creating ArtRevu - to promote artistswith free and or low cost options to promote their art online.

I was able to start promoting artists with POD shops and have helped some from making only one sale a month to reportedly making sales every day.

While my site was initially meant for just my own art, I shared my successes with them at other social sites, telling them which sites I had sales at and how I achieved them and also told them which sites I made no sales at and had little success at.I began sharing how to auction on Ebay and how to set up shop on Etsy and where to go to get printings services.

After a while many flocked to my site requesting I open it for members and to start posting my tips and tutorials into the forum so they could learn and start their own websites. I also helped other artists to build their own websites for a while but as time passed it was proven many couldn't handle their own sites so they closed them and joined mine.

Later on new members who didnt know how we started wondered why the site had my name on it, not realizing it was my site and evolved into an artists network site.I then began including "Featured Artists Network" after my name as I was endorsing m y members,but as the membership grew i began seeking out a name that reflected art in general and not my name.

When the domain called ArtRevu became available, I bought it without hesitation.

A good interactive way to show and promote your art, in the easiest possible way is to join ArtRevu and be an observer first and check out all the information available to help you with your art online. Join our clubs and groups to get your name and websites listed in our Directories which get advertised online and are available to our viewers which will help them find your art.

Most people nowadays have a Facebook account. Join our Facebook Groups & Pages and post your art~!!

After comparing, you will also find that the best place to sell your art prints and products is through us here at ArtRaveSuperCenter now called Art2Do - where you the artist can design and create hundreds of art products that you can make the best profits from worldwide~!

See for yourself~ Many of our artists belong to all the popular PODs [ Print-On-Demand ] websites.

While it is necessary for most artists to have to deal with these sites to produce their art into salable products, none of these sites help the individual artist to actually sell their products~! its up to the individual artist to visit clubs, forums, write blogs, post comments, buy ads,buy banner ads, buy facebook ads, pay ad agencies, pay SEO agencies, pay advertising websites, buy news paper ads, post to online classifieds and on and on to where there isnt enough time in the day to do the promotions needed and still have time for creating new art~!

That is why ArtRevu has evolved ~

ArtRevu was built by an artist for artists~!

Those that know me, that have been with me since the beginning, know how we have evolved and worked towards promoting family friendly art online and helping artists to sell their art by creating paths to follow.

After joining 100s of sites over the years and posting art and finding it never leading to purchases, I took matters into my own hands and began researching how to promote on line, where to sell , how to sell , what to sell and how to ship and stay connected to the art scenes that 'matter'.

Competitions, contests,virtual shows all mean shelling out money to some promo agency and maybe you will be recognized, maybe you will win, but for the most part its like throwing away your money~!

Learning to cross promote, self promote, self advertise and where to do it at is the most empowering thing and artist can do for them self online today. There are hundreds of millions of artists online around the world. Most are struggling and would love to be 'discovered' and have a manager who can just sell their work, whether it be a gallery or galleries, stores, shops online and more.

Most would love to tap into the fame that modern day artists who have been lucky enough to hook into have done, such as Thomas Kincade [RIP] who rose to the top via TV and had stores coast to coast selling hand painted reproductions of his work, that he simply had to either touch up or sign, were then numbered and sold for thousands of dollars. His original works that they were based on are 'priceless' and prints of his works were in the finest stores and later all the way down to discount stores. He was a household name and millions who didnt even collect his work would buy his art products, most of which were made overseas and brought into stores all across America and other countries. He was a great artist, BUT there are millions of other great artists all over the world. What set him apart, some say was fate, some say good promo or good connections, such as he had with donating certain works to be printed to benefit charities and TBN broadcasting [which really aided his early career notoriety]

Well there are millions of capable artists out there and many now online looking to show the world what they have to offer and so we have banded together in forming ArtRevu so that we can collectively show the world our art and work together promoting our art and art products worldwide.


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