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Art2Do : About Print on Demand Sites

It has become more evident to me over the passed several years that the PODs are more geared more towards individuals wishing to have their family photos printed into products>

They make the bulk of their money catering to the public's 'private' self uploading orders.

Artists are only a secondary business for the PODS. They often have free shops but some even charge artists annual fees to host their shops.

PODs are in business for themselves and will sell anything to anyone.

PODs have literally hundreds of thousands of hopeful artists, posting new work daily, involved in forums,clubs or groups, providing emotional support for one another and encouragement & congratulations whenever one manages to make a sale.

PODs however charge the artists as much as they charge the individuals uploading their family pics to make a print~!

They are vested in their own pictures and seldom by the artists works, partly due to the markups on them. In comparison to what they do with their own pictures they can create into family heirlooms, they see the markups and many shoppers will look at the art perhaps but then move along to something else.

In order for the artist to make money on the POD, since they get no special discounts usually, is that they have to mark up above the POD's base price, thus inflating the already high retail price and making it not as affordable to the buyer and less profitable for the artist. The only one making a profit is the POD~!

ArtRave has seen the frustration of artists who wait year after year and even drop their markups to 5-10% only to have no sales or rare sales, not because their art isnt good, but because the POD doesnt promote the artist only their products and their stock artists or artists who pay for promotion's works~!

On Etsy [ not a POD just an example of a shop site] they will sell a rolling slideshow ad to a member for $7 a day, requiring a reservation since so many artists are desperately seeking ways to advertise their art and make a sale. Problem with the Etsy rolling slideshow is other distractions on their front page as well as the rolling slideshow will show their ad for only a few seconds at a time and some going to the front page may not even see the ad if they view the page between the time the ad passes through~! All that for $7~!

At ArtRevu [ now moving to:] we've done alot to help artists promote their art and artsites, more than any other site online~! Our forums contained many of the tools to empower the artist to be able to effectively learn to advertise and self promote, We also offer very lowcost Top 100 Banner Ad alternatives that provide many of the same results that the expensive advertising and banner ad agencies do~!

Well best advice is to join ArtRevu now all over Facebook and Twitter as well as our new site at ,

and explore the site, ask questions and you will be happy with the answers you will receive~!

Joining my Art2Do which is the next best print site any artist can do online for the promotion and manufacturing of their art into products~!




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